Why Buffalo Grass Is The Best Option For Your Lawn

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When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your property the type of grass you choose for your lawn can play a huge role. Most of the times this also can be one of the hardest decision to make. There are a number of different factors you need to keep in mind before you choose the grass for your lawn with one of the most important among them being the weather. The weather alone can have a huge impact on the grass and if you live in a cold city then one of the best turf you can find your lawn is of buffalo grass.

You may not be a stranger to buffalo grass because of how popular it has become as of lately with more and more people opting for it in their lawns. In the earlier days one of the biggest challenge which was faced was to establish its plant, however, due to the help of the latest modern techniques that obstacle has also been overcome. So, if you find yourself wondering what is it which makes this grass so special, then that is exactly what we will be talking about in this article, so, let’s discuss more about it below.

High Climate Tolerance

As you know that grass tends to do better in a hotter climates, and finding the best turf which can do well in cold weather as well can be tough, buffalo grass exactly does this job. It has a high weather tolerance and can do relatively well in colder climates when you compare it to other types. The level of drought tolerance this grass offers and its ability to do so well in drier weathers is also one of the leading reasons that why it is highly preferred nowadays especially in the colder parts of Australia.

Low Maintenance

If you do not like the idea of mowing the grass and managing your lawn frequently than buffalo grass is the best for you. It is also known as a low maintenance grass because it does not grow too much. The maximum length it reaches is around 4-7 cm which makes it an ideal candidate if you do not want to spend too much time managing your lawn.

Conserves Water

Due to its property to conserve water it is known as a drought resistant grass. Even when the weather is extremely dry it can survive drought, and as soon as it gets the required amount of water supply it will revive. Moreover, its requirement for fertility is quite low which also adds as a bonus to it.

These were some of the reasons that why buffalo grass is the best for your lawn. So, if you live in a cold city and want your garden to have a lavish and elegant look, then you cannot go wrong with this grass.

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