Tips To Help A Bride Stay Calm On Her Wedding Day

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As a bride with all the preparations and planning you get bogged down with so many things to do that you do not realise that you need to be relax as much as you can when it comes to your big day. You will feel nervous and excited when you wake up on your wedding days. There will be a lot of people who will be coming in and going out and your family will be so emotional as well on top of that. You will be worried about if your make up and bridal hair stylist from Melissa Hope Hair and Makeup will make it on time to do your hair. If you’re jewellery is in place. Let’s not forget the dress that needs to be in perfect condition before you slip it on to wear for the day. Here are a few tips that will help you keep yourself calm and relaxed so that you can get through the biggest day of your life.

Early night

Even your make up and wedding hair stylist Sydney will also mention that you should have an early night and get some sleep before the big day so that your eyes will not be red the next day and to avoid the dark circles. You can get yourself some calming music and changing the sheets will help your sleep too.

Accessories and the dress

It is a good idea to have your dress put on a hangar and the lingerie, garter, shoes and accessories all in one place with all the labels cut off so that you know you will not have to panic in the morning looking for everything.


Some brides believe that practicing a bit of yoga or doing a little bit of mediation will help you not to feel anxious and worried.


A majority of the brides do not want to eat on the day of their wedding because they feel excited and anxious. It is important however that you have a good breakfast which will you get through the day. What are recommended is some yogurt, fresh fruit, herbal tea and some granola. Ensure that you avoid greasy and oil food, which might make you feel bloated or queasy during the day.

Treat yourself

If you have time then why not pamper yourself with a bubble bath, some candles, warm bath oils and even some flower petals. Play some music and light a few candles as well to give yourself a moment to relax and be ready for the day. Relax as much as you can cause everyone is there to help you get through the day and make sure that your big day will be smooth sailing.

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