Know The Do’s And Don’ts: Road Signs

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Being an adult implies several big things even without our knowledge and having to know certain things and being socially expected to know some elements is one such big concern when you are facing adulthood. Sometimes, if you are unaware of something at the age of eighteen, the society makes you think like you have done a big sin. So, in this article it is about one such thing- the Road Signs you get to see frequently, but yet so odd to be unaware about! These are also called as safety signs because these signals are purely aimed at your own safety. They indicate what to be done and what not to be done. Here is a list of such signs for you to follow, and then grasp. Remember- as an adult, you are expected to know these.

Danger signs

Here, the word DANGER appears in white text on a red background with a black border and black text. This sign is to warn the workers, suppliers and the general public of possible accidents that can even cause loss of lives. This is a warning to be careful as this zone is dangerous.

Mandatory Signs

Here, a white smart artis visibleon a blue background with black text. The art and the caption will be based on the situation and the risk as long as the situation is concerned. This basically illustrates that some action is needed at this situation. For example – wearing the face mask before entering the premises. The letters can either be printed or the same procedure can be followed as in doing the road safety pavement markers.

Emergency exit signs

Here, the location of exits, the directions towards safety and fire protection equipment, or guidance and instruction in a special crisis situation is provided through these signs. Mostly used when employees face a state of emergency at their workplace.

Signs of prohibition

These signs are quickly and very easily identifiable by a black image inside a red circle and diagonal cross through with black text beneath. No smoking sign is one such mostly seen sign and this of course is something we have been seeing since childhood. No pedestrian access is also denoted through these signs of prohibition. This simply says- within this specific region, a particular action is not allowed.

Warning signs

You may have seen while you are walking, a board that carries “pedestrians use other footpath”. Here, a triangle symbol depicting the danger may be visible above the caption; both appear in black on a yellow background, the word ‘WARNING’ may also appear in yellow on a black as the main title.

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