How To Minimize Risk Of A Fire Breaking Down By Using The Right Cladding Panels

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A lot of material is used in making of or construction of a building. There are the usual suspects like concrete, cement, iron, plaster etc. There have been all sorts of development in the building industry, nowadays you can see a house made out of 3-D printers. If you told someone 20 years ago that we would be printing the houses we live in the future, they would laugh at you and call you crazy. But science expands endlessly and today we live in a world where everything is finished 10 times faster, made 10 times stronger and requires 10 times less effort. This is only possible due to the efforts of people researching day and night on how to use modern science for our convenience.  

 Back to the topic of buildings, there are some unusual suspects that are used when the building is getting its final touches. One of which is cladding panels in Sydney used to make the facade or exterior of the building. These panels come in a wide range of sizes and are very easy to fix to the exterior of the building, often being the preference of engineers.  

Composite panels such as these are a great solution for sound proofing and weather insulation, often being used in corporate offices to create a suitable environment for work. But did you know such cladding panels can be hazardous as well? First of all these panels are made of a metallic exterior and a light material interior core. The internal material is susceptible to fire and can catch fire very easily. But they were used in facade engineering due to their conveniences. If you are interested about facade engineering in Sydney you can visit

Here is how you minimize the risk of a fire breaking down by using the right cladding panels: 

Fire Resistant Material: 

The most commonly used cladding panels used were ACP (aluminum cladding panels) are very susceptible to fire, meaning they catch on fire and help it spread very fast. In case of a fire breaking out through the building, the panels will actually help them spread fast and it will be very difficult to get control of the situation. Using the right kind of cladding panels in your facade can be a huge life saver. 

Better Insulation: 

Cladding panels are installed due to their easy fitting and variety of sizes and shapes. If you are installing non-combustible cladding for facade engineering then make sure that these materials provide you all the benefits and no hazards that the ACP carries, i.e. sound and weather insulation. 

Beautiful Texture: 

When choosing these composite panels be sure to see if the texture of the panels match that of your design. As you can find many different textured panels for your needs. 

 If you are planning on getting facade assessment, Cladding Compliance Australia is a trusted name. They can help you with facade rectification in case you want to fix your cladding problems. 

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