Get Your Food At Your Doorstep

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When it comes to food delivery convenience is the only factor people go for as it’s convenient for people to sit back at home order food and get the food in the time promised by the supplier. Food delivery has made it easier for people to access every food brand just by at their homes. We are in the market for this cause too to maximize the level of convenience for the potential food customers. 

We are food manufacturers as well as food distributors in melbourne for years and would be working as food manufacturers and food distributors for a good potential time due to the success and response we are getting from our customers and mates in the market. We work as wholesale food suppliers too. Our work and network are so wide that it is convenient as well as accessible for every customer as well as food distributor to contact us as we are always just one call away. 

Smooth Distribution of Food:

Due to the wide network and good connections, it is easy for us to run a smooth distribution process of food from us to the customers or the food distributor as being a food manufacturer and food distributor we must provide hygienic food as making sure that the food is distributed smoothly and properly. 

Being a wholesale supplier it seems so hard to catch up with everything in the given time and resources but the team we have and the food distributors we are in contact with are so flexible and cooperative that it never feels like we have a workload on our heads. Working with such good people helps the business to grow positively in obvious ways and it is enough as evidence for a new customer in the market that being cooperative and flexible helps the business to grow and let the customer knows too that choosing The Handmade Food Co is the best decision.


Hygiene is one of the factors that people notice when buying food from somewhere. We are strict in maintaining the hygiene of the food. Making the food with hands does not mean that it’s unhygienic; we take proper precautions while making the food ready as we care for our potential and present customers and their health. We believe in the fact that being a food manufacturers in brisbane and food distributor, caring for the customers and their lives should be the first motive of the business as it can lead the brand the further success and can make the potential customers its present buyers.

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