First Aid Tips To Use During Physical Activity And Injuries

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Physical activities are enjoyable and there are many individuals who take them up as a past time as well as a professional practice or livelihood. However much you may enjoy this activity there are always chances of injuring yourself as you are likely to be fully involved in the activity; mind, body and soul. So if you fall, get hit by a ball or straining a muscle here are some first aid tips to help you get through it and manage your injury. Listen to your body – they say “if it hurts, pay attention” that means if your body is hurting or if you are in pain when you move or do certain things, pay close attention. The very first thing to do before going to a sports injury clinic Sydney is to carefully understand what is wrong, so in order to do that you must stop all forms of exercise or activity. So while taking part in some activity if you feel pain, you must stop and take rest. Ice, ice baby – this is the go to remedy for any injury. It is also the quickest and the most easily accessible. So keep the place chilled so that the swelling will go down and you can go for further treatment if necessary. Doctors recommend applying ice several times a day depending on the nature of the injury. Over the counter relief- you need not unnecessarily suffer in pain, you can always get some over the counter pain relief medication to help you. 

Most often physical activity can result in damage to tissue which can heal on its own, but the inflammation can create pain which will go down with the pain medication. Don’t stay stationary for long: initially you must rest for healing to begin, but after two days it is recommended that you move about as it will increase blood circulation and help in the healing process. You can also do a little bit of stretching or massaging if it does not hurt. But if the pain and swelling has not gone down then visiting a physio clinic is the best option. Start rehab: in order to fully heal and get back in to shape, it is recommended that you join a class or a therapy session which will help you gain your range of motion and improve your fitness. You can gradually increase the exercises you do and finally go for strengthening exercises like lifting weights.

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