Disadvantages And Advantages Of TV Antenna

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TV antenna

Just a few years back TV antenna in Sydney were a very common sight on the top of every house but now this seems to be the technology of the past. But still, many houses are continuously using TV and Tina because it can help you to provide Free TV as compared to the paid cable subscription. Especially in rural areas, the TV antennas are still in popular use because people prefer to watch the local channels more than international ones. 

But cannot be ignored that the use of a TV antenna has been reduced as compared to the cable connections but for more than 30 to 40 years the TV antenna was a technology that help people to wash their favourite programs on TV and to be entertained. Still, the TV antennas are in use and they have some benefits but there are some disadvantages of TV antenna that have made them outdated. Here we will be listing the advantages and disadvantages of TV antennas.  


  1. With help of a TV antenna, you will be able to catch all the local free channels this means if you are not fond of watching TV matches you can be saving your money on a cable subscription. You will be still able to catch all the local news channels and entertainment channels with the help of a TV antenna. The people who are not spending much time on TV prefer to go with a TV antenna to get hold of local channels
  2. As compared to a cable subscription, the cost of TV antenna installation is minimal and once it’s installed you don’t have to pay any monthly bill. So, the affordability factor is very high when it’s come to TV antenna installation as compared to a cable subscription. 
  3. There can be a possibility that the cable operator changes in your area or they will stop the channel of your liking. But in the case of a TV antenna, you will be able to get all the free local channels always and you are not depending on any cable operator.  


  1. In Sydney, you will be able to find many cable operators offering hundreds of channels and even you can get a subscription from one cable operator that can offer all the channels of your liking. This is the limitation of a TV antenna that you have to depend only on free local channels and you will be cut off from any international media

The reception of TV signals is always depending upon the location of the TV antenna and the weather. This can become a challenge sometimes because you won’t be able to get a visual quality of a TV due to the antenna problem. Usually, this is the prime reason why people switch to cable from TV antenna. 

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